Money-Saving Tips from your Apartments in Katy

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We’ve got a brand new blog post for residents of our apartments in Katy and this one is all about saving your hard-earned money. Yes, it’s more fun to spend your hard-earned money, but you’re never going to be able to take that trip to belize if you keep making impulse purchases in the checkout line at Target. Everybody deals with their guilty pleasures when it comes to spending money, but by the time you’re done reading this week’s post, we think you’ll be that much closer to curbing your spending and increasing the amount of money in your savings account.


In the post below, you’ll find three tips that should help you on your journey towards achieving your savings goals. Whether it’s for a vacation, a new car, or you just want to see bigger numbers when you check your bank account, the tips below will help you on your journey. Without further delay, let’s dive into the post! When you’re done reading it, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at The Grand at LaCenterra — the apartments for rent Katy, Texas residents choose for class and comfort.


Use Digit, Acorns or Chime


Sometimes, the best way to save money is to let someone else do it for you. Or in this case, to let a machine handle it. The three apps — Digit, Acorns and Chime — connect to your bank accounts and save small amounts at a time. Digit tracks your spending and income for a month so it can figure out how much you can afford to save. Acorns rounds up your purchases and deposits the change in an investment portfolio. Chime connects to a debit card and rounds up purchases, moving money into a savings account.


Remind yourself of your goals


If you’re saving up for a vacation, put a picture of your destination in our car and in your wallet. If you’re saving up for a car, read all about the car you want whenever you get the chance. If you’re saving just to save, read financial articles that emphasize the important of saving. The more often you remind yourself of your goals, the less likely you are to make impulse purchases that set you back.


Try using cash


This next tip only works if you actually pay attention to your spending habits. Try using cash for a month and see if you don’t spend less than you did when you were using a card. For some people, using cash makes purchases seem more, “real.” You feel the pain of giving up cash when you buy things with it. The same can’t be said for swiping a card. In order for this to work, you’ll have to track your spending for a month using nothing but credit cards, then track your spending for a month using your cash purchases. Remember — you’ll also have to see if you spend less with cash you would have made up for in credit card points.


We don’t have any more savings tips for you this week, residents, but we want to say thanks for reading! We hope the tips above help you maximize your earnings and be a little more satisfied when you open up your banking app. We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another brand new blog for y’all, so we recommend bookmarking the blogs page so you can easily check it when the next post goes live! Until then, be sure to follow The Grand at LaCenterra on social media so you can informed about all the resident events, promotions and giveaways going on at your community of apartments in 77460.

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